October 20, 2016

Weather Simulation

The objective of the project was to learn how to access Yahoo! Weather’s data and apply it to a custom local program using Processing. Each time the user enters a zip code the program parses the current Yahoo! Weather data to call an appropriate weather animation and thermometer setting. The simulation reflects cloud cover, precipitation, and temperature. There is also 60 second day/night cycle where the moon and sun both rise and set according to the time represented on the clock.

To practice object collision we were asked to allow users to create a new object in the simulation that could be deleted by clicking on it. I chose to have a new (randomly sized) ladybug appear when the user hits the ‘L’ key and disappear on click.

This exercise was a valuable learning experience in how to access external data to affect internal variables, something that has helped me in many later projects.

Programs Used: Processing