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Showcasing at Open Studios Night would be extremely beneficial the IMRC Account Manager project as the attending audience should correlate highly with our target users. As the project moves deeper into its alpha build stage, it’s important to take a step back and get input from its eventual users to ensure that their suggestions and concerns are taken into account. Meeting individually with several New Media faculty members and receiving feedback from classmates during milestone reviews has proven that each and every person involved with the IMRC Center has something that they would like to see implemented in the system. Ideally, along with the showcase of the current system, there will be a virtual comment box for visitors to submit their feedback. Aggregating this data will help us to narrow down what the required features of the Account Manager will be.

Beyond receiving feedback at Open Studios Night, the showcase will also provide an opportunity for us to get the word out about the system which should be in place by the end of next semester. Giving future users a heads-up about the progress being made at the IMRC will hopefully inspire them to continue to utilize the resources available. We will also use this time to gauge interest in a student freelance program based in the IMRC Center, which will aid in determining how to proceed with the second portion of the project.