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Opening statement: While the IMRC Center houses a lot of useful cutting edge technologies, the current internal systems do not allow them to be used to their fullest potential.




  • New Media Majors Outside of Class


  • key vs. approve/deny
  • Debugged After Testing

-Equipment Upload

  • Duplicate Button Added (SUPER USEFUL)
  • More equipment uploaded
  • Loading Gifs




  • Styled
  • Reservations Editor
  • User Certifications
  • Charge Sheet CSV Generator
  • Facility Scheduling
  • User Privileges

-Touch Screens

  • Screen Mock-ups

iPadMockup-01 iPadEquipSchedMockup-01

  • Pick up from Velma for Development



-Emailed Faculty & Industry Professionals

  • Conducted Phone Interview w/Brian Rahill (Founder of Rainstorm)
  • Interview w/Chuck Carter (Founder of Eagre Games) Coming Up

-Web vs. Brochure

  • Mock-ups

InternshipsMockup-01 InternshipsFAQMockup-01


Closing Statement: By initially focusing on refining internal systems, with input from stakeholders, we hope to streamline the business membership and student freelance programs in the future.