October 20, 2016

Portfolio System

This project was created in order to get a general sense of how PHP works as a language and how databases in MySQL are used. We were each asked to create a portfolio system where users could register and upload projects of their own. When adding a project, users may add a title, description, start date, and their role in the project. In addition, other registered users may be assigned roles, which in turn links that project to their profile. The home page shows the logged in user’s projects and their personal information. From here they are able to delete projects or zoom in on a single project. Users are also able to look at all projects organized by user using a dropdown menu on the Users’ Projects page. There is also a guest page for those who don’t wish to register. Guests are able to look at a table with all projects and media.

Check out the code.

Programs/Languages Used: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Ajax