October 19, 2016

Photo Booth

This photo booth was constructed using several prototyping technologies, including laser cutting/engraving, vacuum forming, and 3D printing. The basic design of the photo booth was taken from a tutorial found on instructables.com. I first designed and printed a 3D scale model of the photo booth the ensure that everything would fit together as expected. I chose to redesign the housing further in Adobe Illustrator to suit my needs and to allow for the wooden pieces to be cut on a Logilase laser cutter. I 3D printed a shoe mount to hold an LED video light on top of the photo booth so that photos would always be lit adequately. I then vacuum formed an iPad case to create a negative mold where the iPad could sit while in use.

To use the photo booth users may press the intervalometer button (bottom left) which triggers the camera to capture three images, each three seconds apart. The iPad uses a photo booth app connected to the camera through a local network broadcasted by an eye-fi SD card which allows the photos to be transferred wirelessly and near-instantaneously. Users may then share their photos on various social media platforms through the iPad interface.

The  photo booth was showcased at New Media Night at the University of Maine in the spring of 2015 where it was enthusiastically received by students and faculty.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, 123D Design, Logilase Laser Cutter, Makerbot Replicator, Formtech 660 Vacuum Former, Nikon D90, iPad Air 2, Intervalometer