October 19, 2016

Museum Exhibit

Created in collaboration with Toni Kaplan and Dustin Morse, this model was designed as a prototype for an exhibit in the Maine Discovery Museum. After conducting thorough research on children’s learning styles as well as technology and art education, we came up with a concept for an interactive and educational system focused on digital color theory, where visitors could select a “goal color” which they would attempt to match by moving the red, green, and blue sliders to the corresponding values shown on the screen. We developed a proposal which addressed client requirements, learning objectives, potential audience appeal, deliverables, and budgetary needs and was approved by museum staff as well as our advisor.

The model itself was composed of a laser-cut housing, that I designed in Adobe Illustrator and cut/engraved on a Logilase laser-cutter, a MacBook Pro (to act as the screen), an Arduino Mega, and miscellaneous hardware (buttons, sliders, etc.). Toni completed most of the programming work as Dustin and I focused on the writing of the proposal and design and implementation of the exhibit.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, Processing, Logilase Laser-Cutter