1967 Cheltenham

Follow along as I take this Puku 4 from barn-find to modern-vintage oasis.

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Stay up to date on the remodel/restoration of this unique caravan that somehow made the journey all the way from the UK to Bangor, ME!

Cart Before the Horse

Being a graphic designer/marketing professional in my day job, I was excited to buy the finishing touches for my camper, bringing the vision in my head to life. A little fun fact: I have the fabric for the future cushions and even a color-coordinated dish set, but I haven’t yet got the camper reattached to the frame.

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What have I done?

Okay, the title is a little dramatic, but I was (and still am) a little overwhelmed. The first steps I took after getting the camper home were to research the brand (Cheltenham Caravans), find out where the best sources of information would be as I began my restoration/remodel journey, and determine what model caravan I had.

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Finding “The One”

I spent the better part of my college years searching for the “perfect” vintage camper. I thought I wanted an iconic Shasta Airflyte, or an unmistakable Airstream, but when I saw the ad for this 1967 Cheltenham I knew it was meant to be mine.

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From the UK to Maine

I may never know when or why my 1967 Cheltenham Puku 4 made the long journey from the UK (where it was manufactured) to Maine (where I live), but I'm sure glad it did.

Based on travel tokens I found inside, it seems that camper visited Italy, Spain, Germany, and France before making its way to the US. Once restored/remodeled I plan to add my own travel tokens to the history of this wonderful caravan.

Years Old



Interested in the visual highlights? Check out these progress pics!


Nicolette Hashey